We encourage our students to learn through play!


A fundamental principle of this Preschool is that play is a normal medium through which children learn. Children learn best when engaged in learning that is relevant for the child. If learning is relevant they are more likely to persist with a task and to be motivated to learn more.


We strive to help each individual child grow spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially and intellectually. It is through this play experience that we will prepare the children socially and academically for a smooth transition into their later years of schooling. These play experiences can be encouraged through group activities, but should be mainly stimulated through new and exciting learning centers. These centers could include paint, clay, collage, wood, construction tools, blocks, board games, puzzles, musical instruments, play dough or material to make your own, a dramatic play center or a quiet corner for books.


Developmentally appropriate curriculum for each age group is designed to build upon skills learned at the previous level. A theme-based curriculum for the children includes learning center activities, which provide opportunities for development of both academic and social skills. The children are individually and/or group instructed, guided by our teachers in academics, learning centers, crafts, music, bible lessons, and small and large motor activities. Curriculum planning emphasizes learning as an interactive process.


Teachers prepare the environment for children to learn through exploration and interaction. In preparing a solid environment, the teachers can prepare the environment so that it provides stimulating, challenging materials and activities for the children. With this approach, we feel the children learn with the best possible foundation in which they can grow and develop skills necessary for their early educational years. This also helps them to have good self-esteem through positive reinforcement in their learning and developing process.

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Academic Enrichment


Our mission here at Noah’s Ark Preschool is to provide a safe and loving Christian environment in which young children can explore and experience the love of the Lord. Research has shown that from birth to age 6 is where children develop a large part of their personality, character traits, and potential for their entire lives. This is why we must be careful to make positive influence on each child during these years.